Ambassador Hashmi meets vice president, Chinese AHE in Beijing


BEIJING:Pakistan Ambassador to China, Naghmana Hashmi held a meeting with Vice President and Secretary General of the Chinese Academy of Higher Education (AHE), Jiang Enlai here at Pakistan Embassy, Beijing and discussed means to further enhance cooperation in the education mutually.

Education Attache of the Embassy of Pakistan, Muhammad Suleman Mahsud, Deputy Secretary-General of the Institute, Hao Qingjie, and Director of the Academic and Exchange Department, Gao Xiaojie were also part of the meeting.


On behalf of the Institute, Vice President Jiang Enlai conveyed the Chinese New Year greetings to Ambassador Hashmi and all the members of the embassy.

During the meeting, Vice President Jiang Enlai introduced the exchange and cooperation between the Institute and the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, the work of the “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor University Alliance” exchange mechanism, and 2020 master plan to promote China-Pakistan higher education exchanges and cooperation.

Ambassador Hashmi expressed his sincere gratitude to the Society for its work in promoting the establishment of the exchange mechanism between the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor University Alliance.

She hoped to continue to play a bridge role in the exchange and cooperation of higher education between China and Pakistan, promote friendly exchanges between the younger generations of both the countries and promote the two-way flow of elite talents.

She sincerely welcomed more Chinese scholars and students to exchange and learn in Pakistan.

Hao Qingjie, Deputy Secretary General of the Society, and Education Commissioner Mohamed Suleman Mahsud exchanged views on the fourth meeting of the “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor University Alliance” communication mechanism and the key tasks of China-Pakistan higher education exchange and cooperation in 2020.

Ambassador Hashmi and Suleman Mahsud were invited to attend the 2020 International Forum on Higher Education Annual Conference in Zhengzhou University in October this year.