CDA penalises two of its officials


The Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Monday imposed major penalties on its two officials on account of misconduct and unauthorised absence from duty.

The penalties have been imposed in the light of recommendations of inquiry committees. Human Resource Directorate has issued orders in accordance with relevant clauses of CDA Employees Service Regulation, 1992 and after the approval of respective competent authorities.


In this connection, DMA Sub-Inspector Usman Rafeeq (BS-14) has been removed from the service on account of unauthorised absence from duty since 2012. The official was served upon duty resumption notice with directions to attend duties and mend attitude but the official neither complied the directions nor bothered to submit reply. Disciplinary proceedings were initiated against the official and a show cause notice was served upon him, wherein, he was directed to submit his written reply within fourteen days. The accused officer did not submit his reply to show cause within stipulated time. After having examined relevant record, as well as all aspects of case, Authorised officer decided to impose major penalty of Removal from Service upon the official.

Similarly, inquiry against Amjad Mehmood, security guard of Enforcement Directorate, on account of misconduct has also been finalised. Inquiry committee has recommended imposing major penalty of reduction to a lower stage in time scale upon the accused official.