Details of fake accounts cases against Zardari submitted to IHC


ISLAMABAD: On Tuesday, the NAB submitted details to IHC against Zardari as the long stretched fake bank account case goes on.

As a response to Zardari’s petition dated April 29 to summon all the details of all the ongoing cases against him, NAB Deputy Prosecutor General Sardar Muzaffar Abbasi submitted the bureau’s detailed report.

The NAB concludes in the report that 26 inquiries are going on against Zardari and that they have been taken up upon the apex court’s directive.

The accountability watchdog has further mentioned that Zardari has a role in five inquiries and three probes. (as it is)

However, the report says that arrests warrants have been issued against Zardari in only one case.

A copy of the report has been sent to Zardari’s lawyers too.

The case

More than 30 people in relation to money laundering from benami accounts, including Zardari and his sister Faryal Talpur are being investigated by the FIA currently. Hussain Lawai too had been arrested on July 2018 in connection to probe. He was a close associate of the former president.


The former president’s other close aide and Omni Group chairman Anwar Majeed a close aide and Omni Group chairman and his son, Abdul Ghani, were arrested by FIA on August 2018.

Between 2013 and 2015, fictitious accounts were discovered which, were involved in shady transactions of billions of rupees gathered from various kickbacks, commissions, and bribes.