Hamza Ali Abbasi tells people to celebrate the good


Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has schooled social media moral police for criticising fellow actors Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz.

Taking to Twitter, Hamza Ali Abbasi criticised the trolls saying, “In an era when people prefer haraam over halal, how can you find faults in a man asking a woman for nikah?”


“Bcz he hugged her or kissed her on the cheek? STOP IT! Instead celebrate the good… Heartiest congrats to Yasir & Iqra. May Allah bless u both in ur new journey,” he said while congratulating the couple.

In another Tweet, Hamza said, “The closer I am getting to Islam, the more I am finding out that Allah does not like you to pick out Names and individuals and bash them on their personal faults. Look away from their personal faults and celebrate the good that they do. That’s what Allah loves. Aagay aapki marzi.”

Sharing a Hadith, Hamza said it is sad how Muslims so eagerly pick out individuals and bash them on their personal faults.

“Buraai ko buraai kaho, logon ko zaleel na karo. I criticise item numbers without ever picking out actresses and bashing them individually for doing item numbers. Allah ka khof karo musalmaano!” he said.

Fans are seen giving mixed reactions towards the whole marriage proposal.

Some people are criticising the couple, saying it was not ethically right to hug and kiss each other in public as it is against our cultural values.