Shahrukh, Aamir, Akshay and I’ve been able to prolong our stardom: Salman Khan


Actor and producer Salman Khan recently had a press meeting for the promotions of his upcoming film ‘Bharat’.

The actor was asked by the media of what he has to say on the stardom dwindling with the coming generation being more attracted towards content than the actors.

Reacting on the same, Salman Khan said, “It will always fade away. And it is a huge task to keep it going for the long time. I think Shahrukh, Aamir, Akshay we are the only ones who have been able to put it up for such a long time. And we will try our best to keep it going for other few years. I know of superstars jinka phir later on jaake box office collection 8-10 percent aata hai. So that is going to happen to us as well. But I don’t think so it has started yet.”

The actor was being told by the media that Aamir Khan recently said in an interview that he knows that there will be a day when his box office collection will not be great and he’s prepared for the same.

Salman was questioned if he is also prepared for the same to which he said, “It is a long time for that. I think few years more, 30-35 years.”

While Salman personally believes that stardom fades with time, the actor is also positive about his work and has hinted that he has a long way to go. Well, we might as well agree with Salman after seeing the kind of projects as his line-up of movies seems to be interesting content wise which might be appreciated by the audience. However, we will have to wait and watch the public’s verdict on Salman’s ‘Bharat’ slated to release on June 5, 2019.