Shot In Following Strict SOPs – Paperazzi


After a long lockdown due to CoVid 19 pandemic, entertainment
industry resumed its operation in the last quarter of the year and completed their
shootings in fast mode as the second wave of corona was expected at the end of
the year.

Daily Paperazzi went to the sets of one the most anticipated
drama serial Raqs-e-Bismil, which has announced its presence from its first
episode aired last week that it would going to be the talk of the town every
week with each new episode.  The serial
seems a promising entertainment opportunity for viewers which offers a scintillating
background score, impeccable direction, brilliant acting and storyline which
seems to be a perfect blend of thrill, romance and drama, ticked all the boxes
of a mega serial.

Written by Hashim Nadeem, Raqs-e-Bismil marks the television
return of ace director Wajahat Rauf and features the versatile Imran Ashraf in
yet another distinct avatar opposite the talented Sarah Khan. Produced jointly
by Shazia Wajahat and MD Productions, Raqs-e-Bismil is an unconventional take
on love and passion.

On the sets, besides shooting late nights in order to
complete the last spell as soon as possible, everyone from the producer to
director and other crews was concerned about the SOPs to work in CoVid 19.

Talking to Daily Paerazzi, the producer of the project
Shazia Wajahat said she started the shoot in the beginning of August when the
numbers of CoVid cases were shrinking in Pakistan but at the same time, was
very much aware of the fact that lingering the threat of pandemic so they had
to follow SOPs to carry on with their work.

“Sometimes crew complaint me for suffocation in masks on
sets especially in the heat of lights but I asked them to keep them on if they
want to carry on their work otherwise in the appearance of any symptom, they
will have to quarantine at home.

Shazia added that she was taking care to keep many washrooms
working as much as she could.

Do you think that these restriction on washing hands,
sanitize everything and keeping distance is a hindrance in your , Shazia
replied I think by following these SOPs, we are accustomed to some good habits
and are more careful about our hygiene at least.

During the whole shoot, Shazia keeps a vigilant eye on any
suspected on the set, “Luckily, we did not find any case on our set but whenever
I heard someone coughing or sneezing or having a fever I sent him or her home
and ask them to come after completing their quarantine.”

“There is a daily spray of sanitizers and bleach on sets.
After every hour, I make sure that they have sprayed washrooms with sanitizers properly
specially taps and handles.”

As far as the scenes are concerned, do they keep any desired
distance among actors, she said surprisingly their most of the actors have had
corona so for a time being they are corona free. “Yes, I   ask other crew around actors but not on the
scene to wear mask properly.”

The most senior actor in their cast is Mahmood Aslam and he
has come out of corona as well.

Has this pandemic put any delay on the shoot or making the
spell longer because of keeping some restricted timings.

“We are already doing it on very slow pace and shot only
five to six scenes maximum daily. We already starts our shoot very late after
bakra eid in first week of August and now it is about to en so we took almost four
months to complete the serial which I think is not a hectic plan.”

Director of the play Wajahat Rauf said that they started
their shoot when corona cases were at their minimal counts daily but they follow
strict protocol like washing hands, wearing masks and sanitization.

“We were clear in our minds that if government decides to
lock down everything again, we would follow the protocols strictly, even pack
up our shoot.”

Did he feel any hassle in washing hands, use sanitizer, wear
masks and avoiding our common custom to hug and shake hands while working as a

“I think now we are used to of it.
It is a good practice and it should be followed in future as well.”

Whether in scenes, has he ever tried to maintain any distance
between actors, to which Wajahat said that there is generally a distance among
actors in scenes our dramas but if there is a scene where writer has written it
like that needs characters to get closer, then we take this calculated risk.

If someone get suspected and go into quarantine, would they
go for an alternate “Luckily this has not has happened but it is so we might delay
our shoot with that cast and n meantime would do some other work in advance.

Imran Ashraf the lead actor of the serial said that yes actor
is at maximum risk but we take it if we want to work

“I keep with a bottle of sanitizer which I spray on me and on
others as well.

During   scenes was he
ever concerned about keeping distance with co-stars, to which Imran replied
Pakistani dramas don’t have intimate shots, so he was comfortable with his
colleagues while shooting.   

Imran admitted that he knew that everyone who was coming out
to work on this pandemic period as taking a risk but how long one can sit at
home without doing any work. He added that he had decided to shoot one drama at
a time as he is bit cautious about the pandemic.

“After Raqse Bismil I would think about doing any other project.
It might be next year.”