The Christian Science Monitor names PM Imran Khan on list for Peace Prize


NEW YORK: United States newspaper “The Christian Science Monitor” names Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on its list for Nobel peace prize for this year.

The Christian Science Monitor stated “Perhaps the biggest surprise in peaceful leadership – and most critical to the world – is Imran Khan. The former cricket star became Pakistan’s prime minister last year in a country where the military traditionally controls security policy. After a Feb. 14 suicide attack arranged by a Pakistani terrorist group killed 44 Indian security forces in disputed Kashmir, India launched its first airstrike inside Pakistan since a 1971 war. The two nuclear-capable states were primed for all-out conflict.

In a goodwill gesture that suddenly changed the mood, Mr. Khan returned an Indian fighter pilot shot down inside Pakistan. He also offered talks with India and promised to seize the assets of terrorists groups operating in Pakistan. “Nobody wins in a war. Especially countries that have the sort of weapons that India and Pakistan possess should not even think of war…,” said PM Khan.

The newspaper further specified “It remains unclear how much Khan will further confront a military that has often used terrorist groups for strategic purposes. He is the first prime minister not to come from the traditional political establishment. If he can bring terrorist groups to heel, it will start to heal ties with India.”