Traders announce to observe shutter down strike on July 13


All Pakistan Markazi Anjuman-e-Tijaran President Ajmal Baloch and Traders Action Committee Islamabad Secretary Information Khalid Chaudhry visited various markets of Islamabad and asked traders to observed shutter down on July 13 against tax measures of the government taken in Budget 2019-20. They also called a meeting of local traders at Haven Height Hotel, Sitara Market, Islamabad on Thursday July 11, 2019 at 3 pm on this issue after which a briefing would be given to the media. Later on, they would visit ICCI to hold a meeting with its Office Bearers. Ajmal Baloch said that shutter down strike would not be against the government, rather it would be against the IMF-dictated anti-traders’ tax measures in budget. He said that the detail of conditions given in the staff report released by IMF on Monday was quite disturbing as implementation of these conditions would further squeeze the business activities and the economy. He said that Chairman FBR had been advising people on how to avoid tax payment and now he wanted to bring people into tax net within days, which was not feasible. He said that government should have trained people on tax matters and created awareness in them about the benefits of tax payment, but nothing of this sort was done while amnesty scheme also seemed to have flopped. He said that FBR was not ready to listen to the traders due to which trading community was worried while people were also facing great inflation. He demanded that Prime Minister Imran Khan in consultation with traders should announce forthwith amendments in budget, otherwise traders would go for complete shutter down on Saturday.