Unlocking creativity that resonates with Pakistan audiences in the time of corona


Last year’s initial lockdown led to a surge of in-home entertainment as a source of distraction and entertainment. And while time spent watching TV increased by 45%, our copy-testing Link database, which includes validation of copy from over 650 Pakistani ads, reveals average ad performance declined after the initial waves of COVID-19 infection. This is because consumer perceptions and attitudes towards how they rate ads have changed​, as has the actual creative execution of ads.

Worsening economic conditions have also placed a renewed strain on mental health and well-being as many are now struggling to make ends meet and have replanned their expenses as they become more sensitive to prices and promotions​. That’s why brands need to focus on the aspects of creativity that resonate with the new consumer mindset.

But with much of the world as we know it now turned on its head, creativity may be the number one brand asset over which you have control.  Here’s how to create lasting brand memories that drive sales, now and into the future, based on what the Pakistan audience wants from advertising in 2021.


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