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Almost the entire last year, because of COVID outbreak, I
mostly remained home, and even worked from there. In doing so, many of women like
me, almost forgot that we had a body and head with us that needs care apart
from following the precautions against the pandemic inside and outside. 

After managing to live with the new normal i.e. precautions for
COVID, and going out for work as well, I first looked at myself. My hairs spent
almost the year untouched were like as bad as anything and their colour was
faded and uneven. That was the time for me to see some trained professional to
get them back to their shape and shade.

Luckily during that time I was invited to a newly opened beauty service facility at Karachi’s opulent DHA, THE KRISALYS. The Imperial Group’s flagship state-of-the-art beauty and wellness sanctuary is an architecturally-inspiring glass KRISALYS COSMETIC TOWER. According to Salman Khan, The President & CEO, The Imperial Group, “The Krisalys – the name inspired by the transitional process of an egg in a cocoon transforming into a beautiful butterfly.”

The six-storied building offers, male and female full salon
service; makeover for bride and groom; aesthetic, dental and derma treatments; cosmetic
surgery and hair transplant facilities under one roof. The Sky Bar Café at the
roof top is also about to be opened for the customers and visitors to have some
good time snacking after or before their treatments.   

All that made me to decide finally that Krisalys was the place I was waiting to visit for a year. I took an appointment and waited for the day to come.

When I reached, I was apologetically asked to wait as the
hair stylist was busy with another client. The staff was no doubt where
amazing. They greeted me with a nice and hot coffee with some cookies.

After a while, stylist came and consulted with me about my hair. She built a good trust and I agreed to let them do what could be done best with the present condition of my hairs. I was sent into hair section where I had colour, treatments and cut.

Colour Me Dark! A darker brown shade was suggested for my
hair to give them an even blend. My stylist told me that the shade matched with
my eyes and suited to my skin tone and ultimately would give a fresher look to
may face. The dye was applied with L’Oreal smart bond treatment which is used
as an additive to secure the hair bond and texture. Waiting was not an issue as
I scrolled down with mobile and enjoyed techno music coming out from hidden
speakers in the hall.

Tick Tick! 45 Minutes, I was called to wash my hair. After
my hairs were washed with Kerastase colour locking shampoo, they were given Fusio-Dose,
the signature Kérastase treatment, applied on wet hair to restore the strength,
moisture and lustre of hairs. Lastly they were soaked in an anti-frizz colour
locking mask and were ready for cut. 

Haircut! My stylist knew what would go with my face and hair
texture and most of all for the strength of my locks. I had to compromise on
the length as it was my hair fall season and trimming them more was suggested for
their health. Personally I like longer hair (for both women and men). A big
chunk of rough strands were chopped off to protect my crowning glory. I was
given a multi layered cut (in square to round shape) with little notching from
edges to manage the uneven length of my hair. Those layers were to create
volume in hair and to contour and enhance my face and body. Blow dry was
another fun. They were loose curl with just dryer and round brushes.

After my hair dye and cut done, I took another appointment to check their spa as my first experience was almost according to my expectations.  

It was time to pamper me little more with body scrub and manicure
and pedicure.

A hard scrub was given to remove all dead skin from my heels
and toes accumulated through dry winters and then a gentle massage was soothing
and relaxing. Manicure was also done with care and I was told unlike my hair I
kept good care for my hands and feet as they didn’t find any cuticles and rough
edges. Yes a good buff was done to give a shine to my nails.

In COVID times, starting a beauty facility is quite a risky business
but the management and staff both were following the SOPs suggested for the
pandemic strictly. That is why I don’t remember many of their faces as they
remained under masks throughout my visit.   

It was time to say goodbye to them after spending almost
four hours of relax and fun. When I was leaving, I was thinking about my next
visit to get some more experience of nice pampering.

The Krisalys can be visited for online appointments at https://thekrisalys.com/.