Zarif warns of ‘all-out war’ in case of military strike on Iran


Iran has warned the US saying if there was a military strike on Tehran, it would lead to “all-out war” amid tensions in the aftermath of a Saturday strike on Saudi oil facilities for which Saudi Arabia and Washington have blamed the Islamic Iran. However, Tehran denied the charge.

“I am making a very serious statement that we don’t want war; we don’t want to engage in a military confrontation… But we won’t blink to defend our territory,” Zarif, the foreign minister of Iran said in an interview.


Zarif added that if America or Saudi Arabia initiates an armed attack on Iran, the consequence would be grave in the form of “all-out war”.

Following Zarif’s statement, the US has been discussing possible responses to the attacks with Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, Donald Trump has already ordered a substantial increase in economic sanctions against Tehran.

Trump said there were many options short of going to war with Iran.

In contrast, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday responded to Zarif’s comments, saying that Washington was probing for a peaceful solution to the conflict.

In brief, the tussle between the two countries has increased since Trump withdrew from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal last year, a deal which sought Iran to curb its nuclear program in exchange for considerable reductions in sanctions.

Notably, Yemen’s Houthi rebels had claimed responsibility for the attacks on Saturday, which slipped down 5 per cent of the world’s oil production, according to Reuters.

However, Trump and Pompeo immediately accused Tehran, and the secretary of state termed the attack an “act of war”.